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With every major device purchase you will receive 4 hours of billing training from our billing and EHR partner.  We do not sell you a product and leave you out there to try and figure out how to create an income with it.  You are free to use the 4 hours however you feel you need them.  Maybe an hour at time of purchase to get you started, then 3 hours 6 months from now to get help working through denials.  Whatever your need, we want to see you successfully billing and generating income from your new product.  We are confident enough in our products to offer you this free service with every major device purchase.

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Billing today is an absolute nightmare.  Insurance companies are in the business of making money.  Which means they are in the business of finding ways to not pay you.  There are hundreds of billing companies and even more individuals offering billing services.  As a company that offers and sells a number of devices and other services, we HAVE TO be able to rely on our billing company.  The success of many of our products depends on it.  We have worked with and are familiar with many billing organizations.  If you are having any billing issues and really want to increase your revenue and success, come and talk to us.  We have established a great partnership and will make sure that you are well taken care of.  We will get you set up with our billing partner and be there for you ongoing.  We are not just passing you off.  We continue to provide you the ongoing customer service that you need.



Ask a physician what they hate the most and it will be switching their EMR.  It is a money and time consuming process.  Then sometimes it still doesn't do everything you need it to.  Our billing partner has designed and engineered one of the best systems on the market and best of all it comes free with their billing service.  If you don't want billing you can pay a low monthly fee for the EMR service.  It is something that you have to see first hand, so ask us for a demo and you will not be disappointed.   We can perform a simple online demo at anytime you are available.  This system is the only system that can completely eliminate keystrokes.  All navigation and reporting can be done through voice command.  It can intigrate with any other system and we handle all the transfer of information from your current system.  No headache.  Contact us for a demo.