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Gentox Medical Services is a growing national device, laboratory, supplies and medical services company as displayed from the products and services listed in this website. Our Medical Sales Representatives have a higher than industry average closing ratio once in front of physicians and decision makers. This is due to two things: Amount of services under one roof and the continuing training that we offer. There is nothing more key than product knowledge and being in front of the correct people! We will make sure you are proficient at every level before you have to get in front of a professional. With coverage in all 50 states we are looking for Medical Sales Representatives that have personable, business relationship building skills and great work ethic. We can teach any Sales Professional the product knowledge but this industry is business relationship based. Your income will depend on your business relationship building skills, your ability and dedication to learning extensive product knowledge and your motivation in the field. No matter what sales industry you come from, you will have the ongoing support and guidance of management for success. Make sure you are prepared to study, learn, work hard and as a result earn above a six figure income. We require that you have at least 2 years in the field business to business sales experience or a medical background. (Residential or telemarketing sales will not suffice)

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Our product lines including Diagnostic, Lab, Imaging, Laser and Regenerative Medicine Products. They are divided into three major divisions. You will be trained on one of those divisions. There isn't a clinic, physician or call point that you will not be able to approach and offer one of our industry leading products.

We offer a complete suite of device and lab services which allows the Medical Sales Representative multiple sources of income and multiple call points. Don't pigeonhole yourself into a single product line, single call point or inadequate training found in other fly-by-night 1099 companies. Get the training and support you need. Physicians will not have to deal with multiple Medical Sales Representatives when you can bring them so many device and lab services from one provider. Contact us for a simple phone interview and see what the income potential can be and how quick you could get started. We offer a generous pay structure that can easily put you in six figures if you are willing to study, learn and apply yourself. 

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This position is a Full Time commitment. Product knowledge training is extensive and requires a good 8-10 hours a day studying for the first 3-6 weeks. Once in the field you are expected to put in an 8 am-5 pm day. We have a company CRM and reporting to Regional Managers that are also required. If you do not have the ability to commit to these reporting, training or time requirements please do not apply. THIS IS A 1099, COMMISSION ONLY POSITION, SO ONLY SERIOUS MEDICAL SALES REPRESENTATIVE APPLICANTS SHOULD APPLY.


Job Type: Full-time, Commission

Income: $70,000.00 to $180,000.00 /year

Apply using the Contact Page or sending your resume to office@gentoxmedicalservices.com