We greatly appreciate your interest in becoming a Certified Sales Representative for Gentox Medical Services.  This is a great opportunity for qualified individuals in an extraordinary field.  A field that does not tend to fluctuate with the market.  There will always be healthcare needs. However, it is not easy to get into the healthcare field and once there you have to be really good at what you do and perfect your skills in order to stay there.  The majority of medical companies require vast amounts of medical knowledge or experience. Experienced medical sales professionals will find picking up unfamiliar medical device or service product lines as difficult tasks. Sales professionals coming into the medical industry with no medical experience will find it doable but daunting and at times overwhelming. WE HAVE A SET 3 WEEK TRAINING PROGRAM (BOOTCAMP) AND A 42 DAY ONBOARDING PROCESS THAT HAS TO BE FOLLOWED. WE ALSO HAVE A CRM THAT REQUIRES DATA ENTRY ON A DAILY BASIS. This requires an 8-10 hour day time commitment.


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We want to make sure you have a complete understanding of what this position entails and what will be expected of you before scheduling an interview. You will go through two separate interviews and hopefully you will come out hired at the end of the second. You will carry from 13 to 16 different product lines. Our product lines are divided into three Divisions (A, B & C). A representative will represent one of those divisions in a given territory. Territories are usually a three hour driving distance from your residence. No overnight travel necessary.

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As most people know there is a lot of income potential in this field. A single product line can generate over $50,000 a year in income. Several successful product lines can and will increase that income up over $180,000 annually. Many Gentox representatives can claim to have great six figure incomes.   You will never have to depend on any one product or any one call point to generate an income.

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Not being in an office, getting out into facilities and physician offices, speaking with all kinds of medical professionals, seeing your services improve patient care and quality of life is extraordinarily fulfilling. Intellectual and technical conversations with physicians and medical professionals will inspire you and it will become a very enjoyable career. Creating long term relationships with office staff and administrators will turn clients into colleagues and then into friends.

Here at Gentox we believe in 6 keys to success:


1. Training - We provide extensive amounts of continuing training. We don’t necessarily look for extensive amounts of knowledge and experience. There are trainings 5 days a week for the first 3 weeks and then 2 days a week thereafter that provide all the tools you will need to organize your territory, keep track of clients, learn and practice your door approach, presentation skills and closing. These trainings are all done online via webinar. You will have access to our back office that will provide training videos you can listen to and memorize on your own schedule. The back office will also have marketing materials, brochures and other sales aids that provide you everything you need for success. You will have to memorize a lot of material very quickly. Many reps don’t dedicate the time necessary to memorize that material and find themselves very unsuccessful in the field. There will be no income without detailed attention to this fact. Product knowledge equals sales.


2. Rep Support - Our management team is here to provide daily support. We practice and role play your door approach and presentation skills. We provide conference calls with clients, demonstrations, demo equipment, marketing material and most important consistent expertise for every concern and obstruction that comes with sales. All to help you get your client across the finish line. We also have a CRM that you will be required to keep current on a daily basis that will keep you organized.

3. Client Support - We provide financing to all our clients. Ongoing product and billing training. Customer support personnel and technicians for every device and service. Your job is to sell, we will handle the rest.

4. Product Knowledge - You must have the willingness to study and memorize a significant amount of material in a very short amount of time. As a Certified Representative, you have to be an absolute expert on every product in your portfolio. Delivering perfectly clean presentations to every decision maker. This cannot be a part time effort. Even though this is a 1099 position and you will be able to set your own hours, the time commitments we require in the beginning are serious. You cannot memorize bullet points and expect to sale, full detailed presentations must be memorized completely.


5. Field Work - Nothing replaces hard and consistent work in the field. Like any other sales position, this is a numbers game. You will be in the field going from clinic to clinic, door to door. You have to generate a lot of contacts, in order to have a large amount of presentations, in order to have a number of closings each and every month. You have to be completely self-motivated. There is no clock to punch, no set schedule, your income depends on you. We recommend 15-20 doors a day. 8-10 doors is not enough to create consistent income.

6. Personality - People have to like you. You have to spur instant conversations with anyone. Get along with every staff member, create great relationships of trust and impress every decision maker. Your personality will do the walking and your product knowledge will do the talking. Being driven and self motivated is a must. This is not a program for those that are uncomfortable or nervous about depending on their own skills to create an income. Lack of product knowledge will cause you to get stumped every time you are asked a question. You need to be able to think quickly and respond accurately.

With this kind of fulfillment, job enjoyment, training and support, mixed with the income potential; who wouldn’t want to have this job? This is where reality sets in, what do you have to do to get there?


In the end it will depend on you to make it happen.  We do not sugar coat this. This requires extensive amounts of studying and memorizing material. This isn’t 2-3 hours a day, this is 8-10 hours a day for at least the first 6 weeks. You are guaranteed to feel inundated even with a medical background. Physicians do not have a lot of time or patience, your product presentation skills have to be perfect. There can be no stuttering, long pauses, saying “um” or “uh” every other word, shortening presentations or trying to sell just by using bullet points. You have to know it! Our products are the best in the industry and you will have fun learning and presenting them. 


This is a 1099, commission only sales position.  We have no ability, nor should we have to monitor your work ethic or the hours you honestly put into the position. You need to be in the field working from 8 am -5 pm every day. Getting to as many contacts and speaking with as many decision makers as possible. We recommend 15 to 20 doors a day. You should be in the field full time starting week 4. You should have your first lab and clinical services clients by week 6 and your first device closings by week 9. We pay within 3 days for devices and every 30 days for lab or clinical services.

If you get to week 6 and you are still picking up product knowledge, haven’t gotten past any gatekeepers, or spoken with any decision maker that is a big red flag. You should have a paycheck no later than 63 days. Again, in the end it comes down to you. We provide more than ample training and opportunities to practice your door approach and presentations. We provide a significant amount of backup and support.


When we hire we look for these 3 things: 1. Willingness to study and memorize a lot of material. 2. Self-motivated and great work ethic in the field. 3. Great personality that can get along with everyone from the people at the front desk to the administrators and physicians.

You are representing Gentox Medical Services and not just yourself when you are out there. If you are not comfortable with this, please do not proceed.  We are interviewing only serious individuals with enough confidence in themselves and their own abilities that commission only does not worry or scare them. You cannot have any time constraints and must be able to dedicate a lot of time to both studying and field time.  This does not work as a part time position. 

The following are contractually required: 1. Keeping the CRM up to date on a daily basis with Tasks and Notes. 2. Mandatory Tuesday morning National Trainings and Weekly Division Conference Calls. 3. Phone call communication with Regional Managers no less than twice a week.

You are free to review all our products on our website, watch the videos and familiarize yourself with our Marketing Services Agreement (MSA). Once you have, please get a hold of us again at office@gentoxmedicalservices.com to schedule your first interview.  One of our staff will then get a hold of you.  

 Again we appreciate your interest in this position.  We hope to see you as a viable candidate and look forward to working with you. Please send us a resume with your request for an interview. Thank you.